Nelson F.

A new ramen place in Hollywood! With parking! I’m not sure if this is a trend in this area, but it’s yet another authentic ramen place in the West Hollywood area. The other three are about a mile west on Sunset and Melrose and all are pretty good.

This place was recently opened by a magic castle member within walking distance of the castle and open until 2am on Friii and Sat! Perfect for late night drinking and looking for something to eat after staying out late. The owner’s Caucasian but grew up in Japan and knows Japanese food. The food is really good, and I love the dipping ramen choices! Previously, the only dipping ramen places were either in Sawtelle or Little Tokyo, so this is nice! The noodles are fresh and chewy, the soup base is excellent, not too salty and the pork is stewed really well, giving a rich taste. Prices are in the $10 range, so it’s perfect for a casual meal. Magic Castle members show your membership card and get 20% off. Did I mention free parking? You can also walk here from the castle as it’s only 2 blocks away. I’ll be coming here many times I”m sure.

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